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Мы благодарны за ваш интерес к компании FreeZoner - признанному лидеру в сфере регистрации компаний на территории ОАЭ. . Обратите внимание, что компания FreeZoner - это отмеченная многочисленными наградами консалтинговая фирма, которая знает все об организации бизнеса в ОАЭ, а также помогает инвесторам открыть собственный бизнес, используя самые эффективные и экономичные решения в данной области. Мы предлагаем широкий спектр услуг по регистрации бизнеса в Объединенных Арабских Эмиратах, используя гибкий подход и внимательно прислушиваясь к вашим требованиям и пожеланиям для работы в Объединенных Арабских Эмиратах. Создание бизнеса в ОАЭ - это процесс, который начинается с определения правильной юридической формы, от свободной зоны, оффшора и материка, затем выбора правильного вида деятельности и, наконец, поиска подходящего государственного учреждения, соответствующего вашим требованиям. Не нужно беспокоиться о бесконечных государственных документах и очередях, наша миссия - сэкономить ваши деньги и усилия за счет внедрения решений единого окна для наших клиентов, все, что вам нужно, это запросить бесплатную консультацию сегодня


Самая эффективная консалтинговая компания
Управлением свободной экономической зоны аэропорта Дубая в 2020 году

Правительство Дубая в очередной раз признало компанию FreeZoner лучшим консультантом по организации бизнеса в ОАЭ. Награда была вручена Управлением свободной экономической зоны аэропорта Дубая DAFZA в знак признания наших усилий в течение непростого 2020 года, который был ознаменован эпидемией коронавируса.

"Самая эффективная консалтинговая компания" от Правительства Рас-Эль-Хайма в 2019 году

Правительство Рас-Эль-Хайма раз признало компанию FreeZoner лучшим консультантом по организации бизнеса в ОАЭ. Награда была вручена   "Rakez"


Free Zones are designated areas in UAE that allows you to start a company with 100% foreign ownership.
The only tax that applies in UAE is the VAT, companies are eligible to pay VAT only in case they do local business inside UAE that exceeds 375,000 AED or 100,000 $
Freelance permit & visa is a new product introduced by different free zones in UAE for those who don’t want and find it expensive to open a company and in the same time need their work to go on with more freedom without any need to be sponsored or employed by other company, the idea is that you will be fully sponsored by the free zone and your residence visa will be issued directly from the Free Zone Authority, so basically you will be as classified “Self-sponsored”
Actually, we don’t sell visas, being employed by a company but working for other companies in UAE is illegal and will result in huge fines for both the employer & employee. We are professional company setup advisor who will help you get a Free-lance permit from the free zone to do your work freely, which will then allow you to apply for your residence visa.
You will need a local sponsor or a local agent in case you decided to start your company outside the free zone areas in the UAE, these types of companies are referred to by “Main-land companies” and the license is issued by the Department of Economic Development “DED” and not by the Free zone.
Offshore Is a term that means outside of your own jurisdiction, UAE offers the option for foreign investors to open offshore companies in UAE to use it for business which takes place outside UAE. Offshore companies allow you to open a bank account for your business transactions, and you are not allowed to apply for any UAE visas under this type of company. Offshore companies can be used to own assets inside & outside UAE and act as a holding company.
The visa allocation per company depends on the company type and package obtained, number of visas varies based on each company type and activity.
YES, it is not a mandatory criteria to have a UAE residence visa to own a company, it is optional, however owning a company gives you the right to apply for UAE residence Visa.
Covid vaccination is free and available for all UAE residence only.
You will need a company address to open a company in UAE, however renting a physical office is not mandatory, UAE authorities accept virtual offices and desk spaces which is very cost effective and accepted by authorities and banks in UAE.
Duration varies based on each company type; in an average it takes one week to issue a company license after you fulfil all requirements.
Freezoner was established in 2018 in Dubai the famous business center, with the purpose of providing assistance to investors and directing them correctly to set up their business efficiently, quickly and easily. If you want to open your own company in Dubai or a small business for you there, or look to obtain a free zone license in the region, Freezoner can provide you with all of that and help you with everything from choosing the activity and name, to visa applications. It can also help you complete all the necessary administrative tasks while leaving you with complete freedom to pursue your work, especially since Freezoner has a distinguished staff, along with a list of the best free zones in Dubai to start working in. You can contact Freezoner at any time to start achieving your ambition and start business setup in Dubai open company in UAE, as it has a team of the best experts in establishing companies and finalizing the necessary procedures and licenses very quickly and accurately.
There are a number of expenses that you will need to spend in order to establish your company in Dubai, as you will need to pay: The costs of obtaining a commercial license Costs of purchasing your company's website The costs of obtaining work permits for employees. The costs of visas needed to start work. The costs of opening a corporate bank account, and depositing the required amount of capital, which is determined based on the type of your business itself. The costs involved in determining the legal form of your company. The costs of obtaining a commercial license in Dubai. There are a number of other expenses which are related to equipping your company itself or your office (furniture - decoration - equipment ....)
It is a legal entity that is established in another state outside the investor's home country, and investors do this so that they can enjoy the tax benefits offered by other countries, such as low taxes or exemption from taxes, and Dubai is one of the most emirates in which you can establish an offshore company in it.

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Freezoner is the UAE’s award-winning Business setup consultancy company that helps investors establish their business in the most cost-effective & efficient way

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