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ONE USD: 3.673 AED
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Specialists are the expert people, who are not forever utilized to a specific organization. They are autonomous specialists, who generally perform different imaginative positions in the space of craftsmanship, sport, self-awareness, photography, training or media.

For seemingly forever UAE didn't actually perceive this sort of laborers. It made a ton of vulnerability, identified with making their work lawful and getting UAE residency.

Independent license made business arrangement in Dubai more reasonable for an enormous gathering of expert people, who had no arrangements separated from organization arrangement in Dubai or another Emirate already.


Fortunately, in 2018 TECOM authority thought of another result of Dubai independent grant. It was an immense forward leap for all specialists with heaps of advantages: reasonable value, fast strategy, Dubai independent work license. This independent permit Dubai in TECOM can be given to innovative experts in the space of media, innovation or instruction. It is given by 3 sister free zones appropriately: Media City, Internet City, Knowledge Village. 


Sufficiently interesting, TECOM was really not the primary power who embraced an independent idea. It was only quick to broadly advertise it. Another business authorizing expert in Abu Dhabi has had an independent class for a long time before 2018. It's called twofour54. It is a nearby Abu Dhabi center point for innovative experts. At twofour54 they often run special missions offering a free permit for the consultants for this situation you pay for the visa, Emirates ID and medical coverage as it were. There are around 500 specialists partner themselves with twofour54 at this point. The prerequisites of this authority are somewhat higher in contrast with the other people who issue independent licenses, yet it stays the lone independent sort of arrangement in UAE capital. 


Dubai South Free Zone was established in 2006 and is at the forefront of all options for setting up free zone companies in Dubai. 

It is one of the newest and fastest growing bodies. 

Dubai South enjoys easy access from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

The location is a strategic free zone and is located next to Al Maktoum Airport (DWC Airport). 

It opens wide opportunities for commercial operations through air freight. 

The free zone is located in front of the Expo 2020 pavilions. 

Expect a huge influx of people for business and leisure purposes. 

The location is easily accessible by car and metro line. 

Dubai South will be a new commercial and residential community with all amenities. 

This place makes a preferred location for business setup in Dubai.

Freelance Permit In RAKEZ "Ras Al Khaimah"

A freelance visa from Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone or RAKEZ Authority is available here.
Their permit for freelancers starts at 6,100 dirhams and provides access to modern business centers, many support services, and a UAE residence visa.
Who can apply? 

- Sound technician 

- Choreographer 

- theater director 

- Events Coordinator 

- Movie Developer 

- Market Research Analyst 

- Others

For full nomenclature, Apply now 

1st Step :

- Submit Documents No objection certificate for the sponsor (in case of applying for a permit without a visa).

- A copy of a valid UAE residence visa (in case of applying for a license without a visa).

- Portfolio / sample of works or qualification certificate.

- Passport copy.

2nd Step :

- In case of cash payment, you can pay at any of RAKEZ offices in Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

- In case of payment by check, send it to Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone and send it to any of RAKEZ offices.

- You can also make a bank transfer to the account detailed on your invoice.

- You can make the online payment via the link provided on your invoice.

Within days, you will receive your freelance work permit.


Other free zones circled back to TECOM and twofour54 instantly and presently an independent classification is accessible in many authorizing specialists:


Ajman free zone concocted 2 bundles for specialists: Pioneer bundle and Freelance bundle. The two of them are intended for single proprietor, who can pick a calling from the fields like IT, instruction, plan, the executives consultancy, magnificence and individual consideration, media consultancy and studies. Pioneer bundle is intended for people somewhere in the range of 20 and 30 years of age, however a Freelance bundle fits anybody. The permit you get will really appear as though an ordinary corporate permit from this free zone, demonstrating that it's a pioneer or independent arrangement just at the base. You will likewise be entitled for a long term Investor visa with such an arrangement.


Umm AL Quwain free zone has a freelance license with a vast choice of activities and a resident visa for 2 years.

Some interesting activities include:

- musician 

- wardrobe 

- specialist 

- speech-language 

- pathologist furniture 

- designer 

- Composer

Umm Al Quwain has one of the easiest setting up procedures and most straightforward requirements.


Creative City free zone has a package called “Freelancer company”. This package is not a freelance permit for a single person. It is just the name of a normal commercial business setup package, which is eligible for 3 resident visas. In other words, in this case “Freelancer company” is just a marketing name of a full-fledged package.


Many individuals confuse between resident visa and freelance permit. Essentially, these are two separate things, which usually come together within the same setup. Freelance license in Dubai is the actual freelance license, which allows you to carry out your work legally. Resident visa is a visa stamped into your passport, which allows you to live in UAE legally. Some people already have a visa and need only a freelance permit for their projects, whereas others may need the license and the visa


Below is a short relative table that you can choose between an independent license or residency in the UAE as an employer. The cost of obtaining a freelance permit in Dubai is very low and can be considered as one of the moderate alternatives.
A freelance work permit will be useful for those who: 

- want to legally pursue their professional activity - for example, teachers, tutors and private consultants often choose self-employment.

- Consider licensing e-commerce in Dubai - for example, social media influencers or many lifestyle coaches work online.

- Want to work for a full-time company and have permission to do individual work part-time.


The usual set of documents for obtaining a self-employment license in Dubai or the UAE includes the following: 

- passport copy.

- Current visa copy if you have one.

- Portfolio/degree/reference letters any evidence of previous experience in the field.

- CV.

- Reference letter from the bank.

- Offer letter from a member firm or detailed business and income plan.


Can I use my freelance license to open a company bank account?

Generally speaking, a freelancer license allows you to operate as an individual with only one personal account. However, some stand-alone configurations are similar to traditional commercial free zone licenses. For example, if you have a freelance license in the Ajman Free Zone, you are eligible for a business bank account instead of a personal account.

As a self-employed person, do I need to pay VAT?

If your bill reaches AED 375,000, you must add 5% VAT to all invoices, register with the federal tax authority, and pay VAT on a quarterly basis.

Can I sponsor my family with a self-employed visa?

Yes, you can. General immigration requirements apply: You need to rent an apartment and have a legal marriage/birth certificate to apply for a visa for your dependents.

I work in a company, but I want to do a part-time job as a freelancer. this is possible?

You can be self-employed part-time, but in most free zones where you can obtain a self-employment permit, you need to provide a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the visa sponsor (employer) in order to establish your self-employment permit there. Umm Al Quwain Free Zone offers no NOC license.
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