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Establishing a firm in a UAE-free zone has considerably aided the rise of the economy and expansion. The business hub with over 40 free zones has become an attraction for international entrepreneurs. The Ajman Free Zone Authority offers exceptional business setup services in UAE and has supported many SMEs and start-ups since its inception in 1988. Further, because of its proximity to airports and ports, the zone is an excellent site for local and international business owners to launch their business. It is also a free trade zone that provides a high investment rate due to several advantages such as tax exemption and complete corporate control.

Business Setup Allowed in Ajman

You can launch the following four firms in the zone:
  • Free zone Corporation
  • Free zone Entity
  • Local Office Branch
  • Foreign Enterprise Branch

Trade Permit Offered by Ajman Free Zone

Overseas investors are eligible to register below five licenses:
Establishing Companies


It enables investors to manufacture, develop, and alter commodities. They also get warehouses and retail establishments to do their business under this license.
Experienced Professionals


International or domestic ventures providing consulting, investment, and other functions are given this permit.
Immigration and Visa Services


Entrepreneurs with office space outside the territory or whose workplace is located outside of the registration zone are entitled for this license.
Favourable Policies

National Industrial

It given to enterprises that are registered with GCC, have national industrial permission, and conduct 405 of their manufacturing in a Free zone.


Business man engaged in general trading are granted with this permit, which allows them to engage in maximum of three corporate activities.

Prerequisites for AFZA Company Establishment

The process of creating a company in the zone is simple and straightforward. However, there are numerous decisions that ex-pats and local entrepreneurs must take before registering for an enterprise which includes following:
  • Receiving an appropriate business permit.
  • Acquiring a physical workplace and determine its size.
  • Procuring the suffixes FZE and FZC for a single-shareholder company and a multiple-shareholder business, respectively.
  • A bank account with a share capital of at least 180000 AED.
  • Native and offshore company, as well as subsidiaries that are partially or wholly owned.
  • Considering business operations to perform.
  • Figuring out number of visas required.

Legal Papers Required

The below-mentioned documents are necessary for forming a company in AFZA:
  • NOC from sponsor;
  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • 8 passport sized photos;
  • 3 proposed names for the company;
  • Copy of passport and visa;
  • Rough Business Plan.

Process to Create Sole-Proprietor Enterprise

The complete process to form a sole-proprietor company is as follows. All you have to show is a copy of your passport.
  • Submission of a detailed plan for retrieving a consulting license.
  • Providing clear structure and descriptions along with safety measures for industrial license.
  • Determining whether the business activity needs special permissions or approvals.
  • Filling and submitting of application for approval of corporation's name.
  • Recruiting legal personnel for company registration.
  • Depositing amount required for registering a business.

How to Pay for your Company in AFZA

Ajman Free Zone makes it easy to start a business by allowing multiple payments. It allows investors to pay the amount in two, three, or six installments. However, it has to be paid by post-dated cheque, which means that if there are three installments, you must pay the first one in cash, and the subsequent installments by cheque. Business owners must also present a bank statement from the last three months as confirmation of funds.

Why Choose Ajman Free Zone for Business Set Up Services?

With over a decade of experience in company formation business all over the UAE, we have proved a one-stop-shop solution for all kinds of company setup, licensing, documentation, incorporation, and other related services. Our company formation services in the Free Zones of Dubai allow entrepreneurs and foreign investors to freely and comfortably invest in the country and yield all the benefits the UAE government has stipulated. Our company experts help customers save big on time and money by making the overall process simple and hassle-free, allowing businesses to grow and sustain. Get in touch with us to discover more about the cost and total services.
Experienced Professionals

100% Business Ownership

Local investors and ex-pats completely control their corporates.
Investment Opportunities

Capital Transfer

Allows straightforward movement of capital and profits with simple processing.
Zero Tax

No Tax

Exemption from import and export duties, business tax, and income tax.

Bespoke Services and Facilities

Provides effective business setup services and excellent facilities.
Standard of Living

Excellent Infrastructure

Smart and Executive workplaces with facilities such as warehouses are part of state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Budget Friendly

Reasonable Land Price

Cheap price for industries as compared to Dubai Free zone.

Access to Workforce

Great accessibility to skilled laborers at a competitive price.

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