Business Setup In Sharjah Free Zone

One of the successful steps investors take is to start their business setup in Sharjah Free Zone. Sharjah is also known as Shams or Sharjah Media City and its newly formed free zone is the finest location for successful business setup in UAE.

It offers multimedia and interactive services a commercial center that fits creative and entertaining business ventures.
With cost-effective expenses, Sharjah comes with plenty of benefits for local and expat businessmen. To name a few of the business perks, investors can get 100% business control with no taxation and capital repatriation.

In addition, the Sharjah free zone allows 18-year-olds to work in establishments and 19-year-olds to be shareholders, unlike most others.

Types of Eligible Organizations in Sharjah

In the Sharjah Media Free Zone, there are certain organizations that are eligible for business setup in Sharjah. Both international and domestic entrepreneurs can establish the following firms: 

  • LLC Business Setup
  • Branch Office

Sharjah Media City Trade Permits

The Sharjah media city trade permits depend on the organizational needs so investors can apply for one of the following four permits in the Shams Free Zone Authority.
Establishing Companies

Industrial Permit

Investors will need the industrial permit if they start a business that manufactures, produces, reproduces, packages, or exports items.

Trading Permit

The trading permit allows companies to import and export items all over the world.

Service Permit

Enterprises that provide services and use goods to provide those services are granted the service permit by the authority.

Holding Permit

The holding permit controls other corporations, estates, and resources by owning freestanding properties and/or shares in other firms.

Documentation for Company Setup in Shams

Enterprise owners who intend to form their organizations in the Shams area have to submit specific documentation for their company setup as listed below:

  • MoA
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Trade License
  • Board Declaration for establishing a new firm and branch
  • Board Declaration with authorized signature or third-party power of attorney

Furthermore, the involved authorities and departments must approve the above paperwork for business setup.

Perks of Business Setup in Sharjah Free Zone

The United Arab Emirates is offering plenty of perks for investors when deciding on their journey of business setup in Sharjah Free Zone. Hence, Freezoner is demonstrating some of these perks as follows:

Experienced Professionals

100% Firm Possession

Investors in the Sharjah Free Zone have 100% firm possession of their organizations.
Drafting Commercial Contracts

Nimble Documentation

All legal documentation is nimbly completed in two to three days, resulting in a rapid Freezone company setup.
Trademark registration

Easy Bank Account Creation

Any investor can easily create a bank account to get seamless business transactions in Shams. The regional corporate bank account will take no time to be activated.
Investor Residence

Workplaces with Zero Requirements

The physical workplace can be established with zero requirements for the organization’s registration.
Zero Tax

Zero Tax

One of the prominent perks that grab the entrepreneurs’ attention is the zero tax or customs duties that are applicable in the Sharjah Free Zone.
Standard of Living

Cheap Land Price

Another point of attraction in the Sharjah Free Zone is the cheap land price. Hence, investors find an affordable opportunity to set up their businesses in the UAE.

Fund Transfers Without Extra Charges

What makes Sharjah even more feasible for businessmen is that they can make fund transfers without extra charges.
Seize the chance today and form your business setup in Sharjah Free Zone with Freezoner.

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