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For any expat to reside in the UAE for a long period of time, they must acquire a residency visa. According to UAE immigration laws, anyone wishing to stay in any Emirate needs to apply for a residency permit. The visa is often sponsored by someone else who could be your employer owning a mainland company in Dubai. Your spouse residing in the UAE who already has an investor or employment visa can also sponsor you and get a dependent visa for you. The residency is issued for a limited time and once it expires, you must renew it to continue your stay in the UAE. At Freezoner, we offer an extensive range of visa services that include visa documentation, application, issuance and renewal. We have a diligent and hardworking team of professionals who will handle all your visa requirements and provide the best visa services.

Types of Mainland Visas

There are different types of residency visas available under the UAE law. The requirements for applying any one of these varies based on the type of visa. The validity of the visa is also depended on the category of visa it falls under. Mainland companies in Dubai have different quotas for issuing the number of visas. It is mainly dependent on the size of the premises that you have rented for your company. Following are the main types of residency visas that you can apply if you have a mainland company in UAE.

Visa for Investors in UAE

Business owners and entrepreneurs who have set up their own mainland company license can acquire an investor visa. It is compulsory to first establish the company and then apply for the residency visa as an investor. You are supposed to deposit a fixed amount to acquire the investor visa.

The validity of investor visa is 3 years, and the cost is much lower than other types of mainland visas in UAE. There are other options for business partners and owners to get a 5 year or 10-year visa. Certain conditions should be met based on the amount of investment they have made without a loan and how long it has been retained.

Work Visa for Mainland Companies Employees

Mainland companies have been allocated a quota for the number of employees that they can hire for their company. This quota depends on the area the company has taken as their operational premises. It is usually 9 square meter per person.

Work visa is essential for any foreigner who wants to start working in the UAE employed by a mainland company. Your work permit is based on the nature of your work and the employment period. The validity of the employment visa sponsored by a mainland company is 3 years and the cost varies but starts from 6500 AED.
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Dependent Visa

Any employee of the mainland company in Dubai can apply a dependent visa for their family members. Investors in the businesses can also do the same for their spouses and parents. If your family is residing outside UAE, you must first get an entry permit and then apply for a residency stamp within 30 days of their arrival in the UAE.

There are certain requirements that you must meet if you want to sponsor your family visas.
  • If you are applying for your spouse, your minimum salary must be over 4000 AED.
  • When sponsoring your parents, the minimum salary limit is 20,000 AED. You also must arrange accommodation for them.
  • You will need the marriage certificate that is authenticated by the UAE authorities.
  • Your dependent visa holders must not stay out of the country for more than six months straight or the visa will become invalid.
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