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Freezoner is a prominent business consulting firm in the United Arab Emirates, offering a premium experience for investors and entrepreneurs who wish to start their Dubai Freezone company setup process.

Freezoner helps you in your Freezone company setup journey from start to finish with multiple services that cover all the required procedures.

With a wide range of UAE Freezone company formation services, you will seamlessly get the legal documents, required licenses, and the physical office in Dubai Freezone or any desired area. Our services include banking, audit, and value-added account services for enterprises.

Regarding UAE residency, we at Freezoner will help you obtain all needed licenses and visas for your stay.

In addition, we’re thrilled that the Free Zone in Ras Al Khaimah has called us; “Freezoner the Best Shareholder in Establishing Companies for the year 2019” for our diversity and vital role in helping investors and individuals start their investment in Dubai and establishing their companies either in Dubai Freezone or mainland business setup in the UAE.

100% Ownership When Investing in UAE

UAE is the economic hub of all business activities, and it is so business-friendly that investors can get the privilege of 100% ownership when investing in UAE.

Most investors prefer to set up their companies in the UAE as a hotspot of emerging markets in multiple activities. Hence, UAE is the perfect place to boost your business not only in the Middle East but all over the world.

Thus, you have two options: either the mainland company formation or the business setup in Dubai Freezone. Yet, investors can decide on one of the two options according to their business activity and needs.

Being part of the internationally established model of free zones that encourages businesses and commerce, the UAE free zones enable an investor or a new entrant to hold 100% foreign ownership.

Thus, you can manage your business operations, functions, and requirements without the need for full sponsorship. As a result, the free zone option is a fit for SMEs and firms that don't have to exercise back-and-forth movements in their business for trade on the mainland.

On the other hand, investors shall be aware that several free zones all over Dubai and the UAE may require varied rules, prices, and other procedures that we at Freezoner help you with. Therefore, choosing the sweet spot is like laying a solid pillar for your company formation in Dubai.

Our Services

With a diversity of services, our team of consultants has been exposed to numerous projects in various fields that make them quite ready for your next business idea.

With a diversified industry network and a wide range of services, our Freezoner team will pave the way for you to direct your investment on the right path in a few days with a hassle-free process.

Here are some of the services that our team can provide to empower you in your next business journey :

Establishing Companies

Establishing Companies

We establish companies, including; Limited Liability Company (L.L.C), Dubai Freezone company setup, international companies, economic departments, and free work permits in as seamless and quick as a blink of an eye.
Trademark registration

Trademark registration

No matter what your brand or your business idea is Freezoner consultants will help you with trademark registration in the UAE.
Drafting Commercial Contracts

Drafting Commercial Contracts

Freezoner professional business experts can execute all the fussy work related to drafting commercial contracts, engagement contracts, and franchising and distribution contracts.
Investor Residence

Investor Residence

Business consultants in Freezoner help investors in their residence decisions while facilitating the required procedures for them. Thus, investors can get a long-term residency according to their eligibility status quo.
Representing Legal Business

Representing Legal Business

The legal representation of your business creates a grounded liability for your investment in the UAE. With our team, you won’t have to worry about the legal process as we handle all the required documents and get the legal approvals from the concerned authorities in no time.
Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Freezoner professional consultants can help you find investment opportunities for projects in Dubai through feasibility studies and market research, or via existing projects.
Immigration and Visa Services

Immigration and
Visa Services

Freezoner help you obtain an investor residency visa in Dubai, which will grant you a permit to stay and work in the UAE. On a side note, when holding a UAE visa, the UAE expects visa holders to adhere to all the laws and regulations of the country during their stay.

Here are some of the prominent services we offer you regarding acquiring a UAE visa as follows:

- Obtaining an entry permit.
- Holding a new visa.
- Visa cancellation assistance.
- Renewal of the current visa.
- Help with warranty.
- Assistance in obtaining a maid visa.
- Help to obtain an Emirates ID.
- Medical test assistance (normal and urgent).

Additional Services


Managing Bank Accounts

Freezoner's advisory team considers the essential step of having a corporate bank account to complete the organization's transactions and fiscal functions. Hence, our team can help with banking services and account opening facility, which is crucial for separating personal expenses, business expenses, and income. Thus, we can maintain organized business records, and manage your commercial bank accounts thoroughly.

VAT Calculation Services

Our VAT calculation services allow you to monitor your business financials and apply VAT accordingly in order for you to have a neat business process. Hence, Freezoner will calculate the value-added services for you and we can also visit your office to study the nature of your work and save accounts. Our VAT service empowers you to build a VAT implementation strategy that is compliant with UAE VAT legislation for your business type.

VAT Accounting & Auditing Services

VAT accounting and auditing have never been easier to calculate with the help of Freezoner consultants as they apply all requirements for VAT invoices according to the UAE VAT Law.
Appropriate guidance is also provided to IT personnel and proper training for accounts like accounting principles, accounting standards, financial reporting, cash flow monitoring, and other sales-related functions.


VAT Return

Our consultants will carve out the VAT return process by preparing and submitting them while taking proper income tax credits against total VAT.

Accounting Systems With Value-Added Tax

Freezoner consultants review the current accounting systems with value-added tax in the company. We also create a thorough classification and grouping to generate accounting tables compatible with the value-added tax system.

Services for Reservations and Audits

As a fully-fledged consultancy firm, Freezoner offers you services for reservations and audits for your financials, keeping in mind the safety of your confidential information and maintaining a competitive advantage in a dynamic workplace.

At Freezoner, our team encompasses a group of qualified accountants who prepare company data according to all legal requirements including the Dubai Freezone company setup process.

Hence, here are the most requested services we provide for our clients in terms of auditing services:

- Submission of annual financial statements and the subsequent audit report preparation
- Preparing financial statements and submitting the balance sheet
- Our advisory team helps you keep basic books and company financial records.
- Freezoner professional advisory team provides you with an annual review and provides audit reports (including company replenishment audit reports).
- We help you obtain the UAE corporate tax domicile certificate from the Ministry of Finance.
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