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Dubai Freezone Company Formation

Freezone Company Setup in UAE –
Take a Step to Your Future

One of the Best Business Consultancy

Freezoner  is a reputable business consulting firm in the United Arab Emirates that offers various services for investing and starting a business in the region. It also provides UAE freezone company formation services from the ground until you have a physical company in the area and can start your business.
It also offers various banking services and audit and value-added account services. Freezoner will assist you in obtaining all necessary licenses and visas for your stay as an investor in the UAE.

The Free Zone in Ras Al Khaimah has named Freezoner the Best Shareholder in Establishing Companies for the year 2019 for its versatility and vital role in assisting various investors and individuals in starting their investment in Dubai and establishing the right companies for them in Freezone as well as for mainland business setup in the city.

Invest in United Arab Emirates for 100% Ownership

The United Arab Emirates is a good place to start foreign investment. Not only is there an abundance of resources but there is also a generally good business climate that arises from stability in the country’s political atmosphere. Being part of the internationally established model of free zones that encourages businesses and commerce, the UAE free zones enable an investor or a new entrant to hold 100% foreign ownership. Given your business operation, function, and geographic requirements, you can establish a free zone corporation. With bespoke privileges, this option is a fit for SME's and firms that don't have to exercise a lot of movement in their business for trade on the mainland. Several free zones all over Dubai and UAE have varied rules, prices, and other important procedures. Therefore, choosing the right zone is like laying a strong foundation for your business setup in Dubai Freezone.

Services That We Offer

Our team specialising in consulting services have worked across several projects with different business activities in different fields. Along with our wide industry network, we specialize in choosing the right investment for you in the UAE and offering a range of services. Below is an overview of what Freezoner professional consultants can provide you with:
Establishing Companies

Establishing Companies

We establish companies, Limited Liability Company (Dubai free zone company setup – international company – economic department – free work permit) easily and quickly.
Trademark registration

Trademark registration

Freezoner’s professional consultants can assist you in trademark registration in UAE.
Drafting Commercial Contracts

Drafting Commercial Contracts

Freezoner’s professional business consultants are capable of corporate contracts, engagement contracts, and franchising and distribution contracts.
Investor Residence

Investor Residence

Business consultants in Freezoner can assist the investor in facilitating all procedures, whether establishing the companies or promoting procedures for obtaining an investor residence for a long period according to the availability of conditions.
Representing Legal Business

Representing Legal Business

To have a strong spinal cord in your business, being legally safe and sound should not only be a condition but a must. Our expert advisers at Freezoner will handle all of your legal documentation and guarantee that everything is in order.
Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Freezoner professional consultants can help you find investment opportunities for projects in Dubai through feasibility studies or through existing projects.
Immigration and Visa Services

Immigration and
Visa Services

Freezoner can help you obtain an investor residency visa in Dubai, which will grant you a permit to reside and work in the United Arab Emirates, provided that you adhere to all the laws and behaviours of the country during your stay in it.
And the most prominent services provided by Freezoner regarding obtaining an UAE visa are:

- Obtaining an entry permit.
- Obtaining a new visa.
- Visa cancellation assistance.
- Renewal of the current visa.
- Help with warranty.
- Assistance in obtaining a maid visa.
- Help to obtain Emirates ID.
- Medical test assistance (normal and urgent).

Additional Services


Managing Bank Accounts

Freezoner's advisory team considers the paramount importance of having a corporate bank account to carry out the organisation's daily transactions and important functions. Our team can help with banking services and account opening facility, which is important for separating personal expenses, business expenses and income, and maintaining business records. We can also manage your commercial bank account.

VAT Services

Understanding your business and applying VAT is important value-added services offered by Freezoner. Our VAT experts will visit your office to study the nature of your work and save accounts to build a VAT implementation strategy that is compliant with UAE VAT legislation for your type of business.

Accounting with VAT

Freezoner's team of specialist consultants applies the requirements for VAT invoices under the UAE VAT Law.
Appropriate guidance is also provided to IT personnel and proper training for accounts like accounting principles, accounting standards, financial reporting, cashflow and other departments related to sales.

VAT Return

Freezoner's professional consultants support preparing and submitting VAT returns by taking proper income tax credit against total VAT.

Accounting Systems with Value-Added Tax

Freezoner's specialised consultants review the current accounting systems in place in the company, and appropriate classification and groups are made with accounting tables compatible with the value-added tax system.

Services for Reservations and Audits

Access to accurate and timely financial information is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in a day-to-day dynamic business environment. At Freezoner, our team consists of qualified accountants who prepare company data by all relevant requirements. And here are the most prominent services provided by Freezoner in auditing

- Submission of annual financial statements and the subsequent audit report preparation
- Preparing financial statements and submitting the balance sheet
- Our advisory team helps you keep basic books and keep company financial records.
- Freezoner's professional advisory team provides you with an annual review and provides audit reports (company replenishment audit reports).
- We help you obtain the UAE corporate tax domicile certificate from the Ministry of Finance.
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Freezoner is the UAE’s award-winning Business setup consultancy company that helps investors establish their business in the most cost-effective & efficient way

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Office 2001, 20th Floor, Tower B, Business Central Towers “BCT”, Sheikh Zayed Road, Media City, Dubai 191412

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