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Selecting a Business Activity in the UAE

Our organization will assist you in establishing any type of business in the Emirates by assisting you in choosing the ideal business interest for your free zone company. Picking the business niche that is best suited to your specialized market and target clients is a crucial component of running a successful business. A great business idea requires development perspectives and expansion prospects. Freezoner, offers a diverse choice of activities from for setting up a business in UAE. You can also choose to participate in many events at once, since we offer discounted rates, allowing you to save money on a variety of fresh ideas and endeavors.

We offer a free preliminary session to help you pick the most appropriate activity in order to guarantee a smooth UAE trade license application procedure. We value our clients' success and growth as if they were our own. As a result, our team pays extra attention and works round the clock to ensure that our customers can choose the business activity that they enjoy. For consultation contact our customer service center.

List of Business Activities

Event Planning

Supporting a wide range of tasks event management comprises multiple business horizons including conference managing and theatre production.

Media Broadcasting

TV and radio broadcasting and online streaming are a few of the many popular genres to run a broadcast business in the UAE, approval is necessary for media broadcasting, plus only a few packages will support this endeavor.

Filmmaking, Post-Production, And Distribution

This segment covers film, art, and video production licenses, as well as post-production licenses.

Consultant Services

Consultancy is a vast field with a range of activities. For example, business consultancy, investment, insurance, real estate, lifestyle, legal, and human resource consultancy.

Industrial Warehousing

Industrial licenses involve the production and transportation of raw materials. Such operations frequently coincide with the need for warehousing.

Services in Information Technology

IT services consist of a variety of activities in the field of information and communication technology, including e-commerce.

Education & Training

The education and training categories encompass a wide range of activities, but be aware that these are only offered as part of visa-eligible packages.

Entertainment and Music

This includes music-making and recordings, music marketing and management, music copyrights, and theme park management, among other things.


Trading operations can be linked to any type of import or export transaction.

Services in the Media and Marketing

Advertising, public relations, research, and a variety of other activities fall under this category.

The Internet and New Media

Imaging, website designing, and wider online media services, such as the development and maintenance of mobile phone applications, are all examples of new media.


Directory and guide publication, educational and commerce publications, journals, online digital content, and more are all examples of publishing activities. It will be necessary to obtain special permission from the authorities.


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