Setting Up A Branch Office In Dubai

Setting up a branch office in Dubai is a necessity for some enterprises that seek to expand in the UAE. Admittedly, Dubai attracts the attention of ambitious investors who plan for business expansion in the UAE. Due to its strategic position, tax-free status, and unlimited prospects, Dubai offers an ideal economic environment for international enterprises to expand.
There is great potential for setting up a new company on the UAE mainland to boost cross-border businesses in the MENA economic hub, Dubai. Thus, if you’re a foreign investor who wants to initiate your business in Dubai, keeping 100% control and possession or setting up a branch office in Dubai, you’ll need to commit to specific regulations.
Yet, the good news is that we at for company formation in Dubai help entrepreneurs and investors with all the procedures required for setting up a branch in Dubai.
Hence, no matter if your enterprise is based in or out of the UAE, you can now practice the same operational process, and own your new branch 100% without sponsorship seamlessly with Freezoner.
Hence, don’t hesitate to contact us whether you need a free zone company formation, a branch formation, or a mainland business setup.

Different Forms of Branch Offices

Corporate Shareholder

The corporate shareholder type is structured based on multiple shares for various shareholders who own LLC enterprises. This company form allows one stakeholder to hold a shareholding in the business and also acquire the license. Moreover, the parent company might be based in Dubai or elsewhere in the world. Hence, multiple corporate owners are also feasible.
Establishing Companies

Branch Company

Unlike the first type, the branch company option limits the ownership to the parent corporation. No partners or multiple owners are allowed in this case. Yet, the primary company can exist either in the UAE or anywhere else. And there is no need for sharing capital or changing the corporate charter when opening a branch company.
Standard of Living

Representative Office

The representative office is different from other branch offices because it cannot participate in commercial and servicing operations. Yet, it can exclusively conduct marketing and advertising activities. A branch office, on the other hand, can perform both functions.
Trademark registration

Subsidiary Office

The subsidiary office is not accountable for the other branches and divisions, unlike the core organization’s role. Hence, subsidiary offices are recognized as distinct legal bodies with full accountability for their activities and commercial operations. A subsidiary administration should be situated in the UAE.

How to Set Up Your Branch Office In Dubai?

The process of setting up your branch office in Dubai can get quite tedious to start alone. Luckily, our team of experts is ready to help you and all foreign investors with company formation in Dubai to start a seamless process with no obstacles on the way. We at Freezoner will walk you through to pave your way into setting up your mainland business.

Selecting a local
service representative


Obtaining a trade name reservation


Application Submission


Authorization from the
Ministry of Economy


Permission from UAE Federal
Foreign Companies Committee


Procurement of the license from
DED accomplishing
administrative responsibilities


Enrollment at The Ministry of
Economic & Commerce
Companies Registration and the
Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Perks & Merits

Global Market Infrastructure

Increased Global Reach

As an emerging market, Dubai can help you increase your global reach due to its geographical location which attracts investors from all over the world to grow and reach a global audience. Thus, expanding through a branch division in Dubai means widening your consumer base internationally, with no share capital required.
Experienced Professionals

Branch Total Ownership

You can have total ownership of your branch without sponsorship. All that’s needed is a local representative who is not a shareholder. They can do managerial duties without influencing your company's decision-making or other activities. On another note, setting up a new onshore business in Dubai limits your total ownership of the branch so you will require a local sponsor as a 51% stakeholder in your mainland firm.
Budget Friendly

Accounting & Analysis

As the company grows, the accounting and analysis become more and more complicated. In the case of the office branches, the finance departments shall document and audit all the transactions between the central organization and the branch firm. This tracking helps in the final balanced scorecards with a hassle-free process.
Zero Tax

Total Tax-Free Status

One of the highlighted perks of setting up a branch in Dubai is the total tax-free status offered by the UAE as it lays no taxation on the income of entrepreneurs running businesses. This tax-free regulation is one of the primary factors for attracting investors to work here, besides the endless growth opportunities.
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