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There are more than 30 free zones in Dubai, UAE, where foreigners can totally own their companies. If an entrepreneur registers their firm in one of these places, they will receive several perks, including tax breaks. Dubai Airport Free Zone is a bustling commercial district near the city's international airport. DAFZ's business activity has developed significantly since its inception in 1966, with over 2000 firms registered here.

The location of DAFZ makes it ideal for all firms dealing in international trade and cargo/freight forwarding. Because DAFZ is a free zone, enterprises enrolled there are exempt from the Value Added Tax that a mainland company in the UAE must pay. Onshore firms, on the other hand, have the flexibility to conduct business anywhere in the UAE. Companies in DAFZ can get a dual license by registering with DED and operating without the typical limitations and constraints. The Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority permits a broad spectrum of trading and commercial activities, including engineering and construction, pharmaceuticals, freight, aviation, telecommunications, food and drinks, and many more. If you have been looking for business setup services in the UAE, our well-trained and experienced professionals at can help you.

Companies in DAFZ

Free Zone Establishment or Company

An FZE in DAFZ can be started with as few as one and as many as fifty investors. If there is only one stakeholder, it is classified as an FZE. However, if the number of shareholders surpasses 1, it is referred to as an FZCO. An individual or a corporation may own shares. To establish an FZE, share capital of 1000 AED is also necessary.
Standard of Living

Branch Office

You can set up a branch division in DAFZ if you run a corporation in the UAE or elsewhere. The branch can conduct the same business as the actual company does. The primary organization is held accountable for the branch office's activities and operations. Contact us immediately if you need assistance extending your business by opening a branch or a representative office.

Business Licenses to Choose from

DAFZ offers four different licenses for business owners who want to set up their companies here. Your organization's operations and activities will determine which license is the right pick for you. Our team at provides the most individualized client service and helps you choose the correct business license for your enterprise.
Positive Economic Growth

Trade License

If your company engages in commercial operations that include international trading, distributing, and warehousing of particular items, this is the license you are looking for. DAFZ also issues an E-commerce license for businesses that involve online merchandising.
Establishing Companies

Industrial License

You will require an industrial permit for business activities involving product production, processing, assembling, packing, and repacking.

Service License

The authorities have listed several services and activities you can lawfully conduct in DAFZ. As the name suggests, if you provide any service to your clients, you need a service license from DAFZA.

General Trading License

This is more suited to your demands if you trade in various items from several categories. For instance, if you are exporting electronics and cosmetic products, you will need a general trading license rather than a trade license.

Documentation Requirements

  • Registration form.
  • Proofs of identification, including passport, EID, and residency visa photocopies.
  • Financial statement for six months.
  • A No Objection Certificate from your company/sponsor if you already have a residency.
  • Confirmation from the parent organization if you are opening a branch office.

How to Form Your Company in DAFZ

You must make three major decisions to establish your business in Dubai Airport Free Zone.
  • Select the Company Type
  • Choose the License or Permit
  • Finalize your workspace location
If you have clarity about your business activities and trade operation, it will be easy to choose the first two. Our professionals have years of experience in company formation in the UAE, so they can also help you make the right decision. At DAFZ, you will find workspace options that include flexi desks, rental offices, warehouses, and industrial units. We will also help you find the most suitable facilities for your company's operations.

Advantages & Merits of Starting Your Firm in DAFZ

  • Allows 100% company ownership for foreigners.
  • Zero taxation.
  • A three-year investor visa eligibility.
  • Lower shipping costs and import and export tariffs are waived.
  • Simple registration and company setup protocols.
  • Specialized facilities, including warehouses, factories, and easy lease offices.

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