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People in business and entrepreneurs prefer to setup their companies in Dubai Mainland. The reason is the freedom of conducting business activities all over the UAE without any restrictions. The UAE government has taken initiatives and issued flexible regulations, which is why now is the best time to get your business started in Mainland Dubai. However, a complete process is involved in forming a company in the mainland area, and professional help is essential to set it up. At Freezoner, we offer a reliable, economical and quick business setup solution if you are looking to establish a company in Dubai Mainland.

The first and foremost requirement to start your business activities in the UAE is to get a license. Our team of experts will guide and help you choose the right type of mainland license you need for the business you are starting. The process takes many steps, but we make it easy for you by doing all the heavy lifting. Our years of experience allow us to setup your company in mainland UAE in the shortest possible time by following a stepwise procedure.

Types of Mainland Trade License

The primary requirement to initiate your business in the UAE is acquiring a trade license. However, there are a few categories of permits for a mainland company in Dubai. Obtaining a company license confirms the legitimacy of your business and that you are following the UAE government laws and regulations. Choosing the right type of business license is essential because it ensures you will not face any problems in conducting your activities later. The factors that determine the type of license to choose are based on the nature of your business, your company's organizational structure, and the region where you want to conduct your business activities. Following are the three main types of trade licenses that you can get to start your company in mainland Dubai.

Trade License for Professionals

This type of license is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to offer their professional services to their clients based on their skills or educational degree. The activities involved are non-physical activities such as consultancy practiced by artists, intellectuals, and craftsmen. All professionals need this trade license before providing their services to the public.

The authorities need to check and ensure only qualified individuals who meet certain education and work experience standards are allowed to practice their profession. You need to provide proof of your qualifications in your field to acquire this trade license in the UAE.

You are at liberty to choose your organizational structure when getting a professional trade license in Dubai. You can either make an LLC (Limited Liability Company) where you will need a local sponsor who gets the 51% of the shares. Or you can go for the civil company, also called the sole establishment, where a UAE national acts as a Local Service Agent, and you get to keep the 100% of the ownership of your business.
Investment Opportunities

License for Commercial Trade

All activities that involve the supply and distribution of commodities come under trading. If you wish to carry out any trading activities in the UAE, including buying and selling products, you will need to get a commercial trading license. A commercial license is essential if your company trades in material good or even sell certain services. Other businesses that can avail of the same trading license are real estate, retail, healthcare, and construction companies.

You can opt for a generalized or specialized trade license based on the type and scale of the business you want to establish. Both types differ in the range and number of products you can trade in. You will need to develop an LLC to become a commercial trader in the UAE. The 51% of the shareholding lies with a local or corporate sponsor in this case, but when done right, you can maintain total control over management and profits.
Establishing Companies

Trade License for Industries in UAE

Factories and industries involved in manufacturing a range of productsare eligible to apply for the industrIal trade license. Companies that employ chemical and physical processes and use natural raw materials to make their products will need an industrial trade permit in the UAE. Dubai Economic Department is the government entity that will issue your license. Still, you also need approval from external ministries and other government authorities to carry out industrial activities in the UAE.

Business Permit Requirements in the UAE

- Select the type of trade permit you require as per your company specifications.
- Identify the type of your business project and the activities that will be carried out in your establishment.
- Finalize the organizational structure.
- Select your brand or business name.

Our Process

We have devised a tried and tested method process to setup for your company in Dubai mainland.

1. Company Registration

2. Trade License Acquisition

3. Visa Application and Approval


4. Bank Account Opening

Steps to Obtain a Mainland License


Trade Name Approval

You select and submit a trade name for your company and the DED will check if that name is still available (if not you choose another). After the confirmation of trade name availability, it is reserved for your company.

Initial Approval Certification by DED

After the trade name is reserved, an initial approval is issued by DED to carry on with the next steps.

Memorandum of Association

An MOA is a legal document that includes your business information like the number of partners, your initial and working capital, share distribution and all. This is to be notarized by a Dubai court and the presence of all partners is required for this process.

Ejari Certificate

A tenancy contract needs to be submitted that indicates you are renting premises to carry out your business activities.

Final Approval and Acquisition

All the required are submitted to the DED and you get the final approval and issuance of your trade license is carried out.


Budget Friendly

Freedom of Operations

When you acquire a mainland company, your company is allowed to freely operate anywhere with UAE. Compared to a freezone company that comes with restrictions, it is more beneficial for your business.
Drafting Commercial Contracts

Enhanced Scope for Your Business

If you form a mainland company in Dubai, you can easily open branches and build a big brand based on the nature of your services. You will also be able to take your brand international and trade globally.
Immigration and Visa Services

Visa for Employees

You can apply for visas of your employees easily but the number of employees that you can hire is determined by the are of your premises. You can always rent a bigger place and get visas to form a bigger team.
Zero Tax

Tax and Audit Exemption

Mainland companies don’t have to pay any corporate tax or go through any audit.
Favourable Policies

Collaboration with Government Entities

Only companies that are registered in the mainland can apply for government projects and contracts and secure lucrative deals.
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