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The government of UAE has been facilitating foreign investors and expatriates to promote a feasible business environment in the country. Due to its location and relaxed taxation laws, Dubai attracts several business owners and entrepreneurs. A Limited Liability Company is the most favorable business structure for foreigners who want to start their businesses here. An LLC allows you to run your organization with multiple partners, which divides and reduces your liability according to the shareholding. More than 200 business activities ranging from trading to agriculture fall under an LLC umbrella.

The Dubai Economic Department gives you approvals to start your LLC business activities in the region after a series of steps. You also need a local sponsor to be your partner in setting up an LLC in Dubai. Company formation in UAE can become overwhelming if you are a newcomer to the city. We provide business setup services in Dubai with the help of our experienced and well-trained team. Whether you want to open a company in UAE free zone or want your business setup in Dubai mainland, we can help you. We will require certain documents and details from you, and we will do the heavy lifting in your LLC company formation.

Pre-requisites for an LLC Business

  • There cannot be a sole owner of an LLC. You require at least two and no more than fifty partners to set up a limited liability company in Dubai.
  • To incorporate an LLC in Dubai, an Emirati sponsor is necessary. This local representative will own 51% of the stock, while the foreign investor will own the remaining 49%. You can also choose our corporate sponsorship that helps you retain 100% control of your business.
  • A manager should also be nominated during the process. A partner in the LLC can also act as the executive.
  • DED has provided a list of activities an LLC can carry out in the UAE. You must determine if your business falls under any one of those categories to qualify to run a limited liability company.
  • The name suggested for the company should reflect the business activity that your enterprise is carrying out.
  • The stock of a Dubai LLC Company may not be sold for public subscription to grow capital.

Steps to Forming an LLC

Pick a Name

As an investor, you suggest a title or name for your company which will be presented to the DED. Select a name that matches the business services that you are planning to provide.
Tailored Packages

Choose Your Premises

You must decide on the location for your business based on factors such as proximity to your client, compatibility with your operations, and commuting options.
Drafting Commercial Contracts

Finalize Company Operations

Deciding which commercial and business activities you will be carrying out in your LLC is crucial. Our experienced professionals at can help you identify and list the most suitable activities.
Favourable Policies

Document Submission

For initial approval, all the documents and forms that include proofs of identification (passport/Emirates ID) are submitted to DED.
Experienced Professionals

Approvals & Certifications

We can arrange a local sponsor or a corporate sponsor for your LLC. An office lease agreement and NOC in case the investor is working in a company. We will also prepare all the documents, including the memorandum of Association essential to get the trade license.

Advantages & Merits of Opening an LLC in Dubai, UAE

Budget Friendly

Low-cost Business Setup

The cost of founding a company in the UAE varies based on the type of business, the location selection, and other factors. Creating an LLC firm is one of the most cost-effective options to begin your entrepreneurial career in Dubai. The best part is that there is no minimum capital requirement.

Protection Against Liabilities

The legal structure of an LLC protects the personal property and assets of a partner in the LLC. Losses incurred by business owners (shareholders) are restricted to the amount of money invested in the business and do not extend to their funds. Each shareholder is liable for the percentage of shares they hold.
Investment Opportunities

A Diverse Array of Approved Commercial Operations

There is a long list of operations that are approved by the Department of Economic Development. No matter which field or area of business you want to get in, you can form an LLC and start your commercial activities.
Immigration and Visa Services

Visa Eligibility

When you open an LLC, you can also apply for an investor visa valid for three years. You can also sponsor your family members and issue employee visas. At, we not only help you establish your company in the UAE but also provide excellent visa services.
Standard of Living

Branch Office

You have the option to set up a branch division of your LLC in other emirates of the UAE.
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