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UAE is designated as the world's most systematically growing business hub because of its robust economy and strong leadership. The country proffers attractive opportunities to investors across the globe interested in building a fortune while also contributing significantly to the UAE's economy. Thousands of expats migrate to the country each year for setting up a business in Dubai or grow an existing one. All qualified business investors who meet the requirements of the UAE immigration program, along with their families, are welcome to enter the country and are eligible for a 5–10 year residence visa.

Expats can also open a bank account, obtain a driver's license, purchase a car, apply for a legal residence PO box, and more with a long-term resident visa in the UAE.

To apply for an investor visa in the UAE, you must follow a strict series of procedures adhering to UAE laws and regulations. FREEZONER immigration and visa service makes it simple and secure to apply for an investment visa in the United Arab Emirates. Our agents keep in close communication with you and are available to provide you with 24/7 assistance in the time your visa is being processed. Our legal visa processing services are available to expats from all over the world who are preparing to apply for an investor's visa in the UAE.

How To Apply for Investor Visa

In order to apply for the investor's visa in the UAE, you must submit various documentation to prove your purpose of entry.
  • A copy of your passport
  • Passport-size pictures
  • Bank Statement for the Previous Six Months
  • Other documents relevant to your purpose:
    • Company Trade License Copy
    • Copy of Partnership Contract (if applicable)
    • ID of other partners (if applicable)
    • A copy of the Memorandum of Association (for LLC)
    • Proof of accreditation from the relevant UAE authority (in the case of specialized talents)
    • Proof of patent (for investors)
When applying for the long-term residence visa once you’re in the UAE, you need to provide the following documents:
  • Your entry permits
  • Medical test
  • Passport
  • Pictures
  • An Immigration Establishment Card
  • Any documents related to your purpose of travel
It should be noted that the above-mentioned documents may alter depending on the information that the UAE laws require from individual entities. Due to the delicate nature of the visa, you may require complete assistance from professionals to guide you in gathering all necessary documents and applying in accordance with the UAE government's standards.

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Freezoner charges a reasonable fee for excellent service. Our high-end service will build trust and deliver excellent value for money. We are entirely aware of our customer's requirements, and our charges are among the most affordable.
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Customer Service

We believe transparent communication is the greatest method to develop great customer relationships to assist our clients. We take a one-on-one approach with each of our clients and take great care of matters to create positive outcomes.
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We've hired a team of professionals to actively monitor your case and complete your application in the time, money, and resources allotted, ensuring that your visa is accepted on the first attempt.
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Because immigration regulations are susceptible to change based on government policy, submitting a visa application is a complex and sensitive process. It is recommended that you use professional consulting services to guarantee that your immigration process runs successfully.

Key Benefits Of Hiring Immigration Consultants

  1. By soliciting the help of a professional consultant, you can avoid common mistakes that may cost you a fortune.
  2. An immigration agent gives you a thorough overview of the legislation and regulations governing visa applications in the United Arab Emirates.
  3. An expert helps you determine your eligibility for the various types of visas available.
  4. Your chances of approval improve when you hire professional visa application services.
  5. An immigration consultant helps you save time and money to allow you to concentrate on more vital tasks.
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