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All Requirements To Create a Corporate Bank Account in The UAE


All Requirements To Create a Corporate Bank Account in The UAE

All Requirements To Create a Corporate Bank Account in The UAE

Published On:
May 2, 2023

Opening a bank account for a company in the UAE is critical, especially for individuals with foreign interests in the nation or those planning to launch new businesses in Dubai and other UAE locations.

Indeed, the United Arab Emirates has the most international and local banks in the vicinity of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as a result of its economic and tourism centrality in the region, as well as large capital investments from all over the world.

Because of the range of banking services given by banks to firms, such as operational accounts, investment accounts, and others, creating bank accounts for corporations has become critical in the UAE, where many commercial and investment operations are organized through banks.

In the following, we explain the most important requirements and procedures for opening a bank account for companies and businesses in the UAE:

Why is it vital to register a corporate and commercial bank account in the UAE?

Opening a business bank account in the UAE is more than just a routine administrative activity; it is critical to the company's success in the UAE's expanding financial sector.

Any company operating in the UAE requires a bank account in order to easily and quickly receive and send money, as well as deal with suppliers and customers.

The corporate bank account also simplifies the process of settling bills and periodic financial payments and helps decrease transfer costs, in addition to making it easier and faster for the firm to get financing from banks and other financial organizations when it has an open bank account.

Customers with bank accounts may easily deal in multiple currencies in transfers and commercial concerns, as well as enjoy additional advantages such as online and phone banking services, and deal with branches and automated teller machines located around the country.


What are the prerequisites for establishing a corporate bank account in the UAE with Freezoner?

As is customary at Freezoner, we endeavor to save you time and effort, and in addition to our services in creating corporations in the Emirates, we also provide you with the service of opening bank accounts for your company if the following conditions are met:

  • Passport, Visa, and Emirates ID.
  • Company License, MOA, and Share certificate.
  • Office tenancy contract.
  • 6 months of Personal or Company Bank Statements.
  • Residence tenancy contract in UAE.
  • Personal Cv / Resume of the Director.
  • Company/ Business profile.

When these documents are submitted and all conditions are met, your company's bank accounts will be issued within 2 to 3 weeks.

Important Notes:

  • Except for nations subject to sanctions, which are limited according to the worldwide list, all nationalities are entitled to create a bank account in the UAE.
  • Customers must have a functioning office in the UAE for any business since the bank will check this.

It should also be noted that UAE banks are concerned with high international standards of safety and protection for funds deposited with them, making opening a bank account in the UAE a safe option for storing and managing funds, and by relying on banking services, companies can improve their financial performance and increase their chances of success in the UAE financial market.

What are the benefits of opening a bank account for your company in the UAE using Freezoner?

We are all aware of the importance and necessity of opening bank accounts for companies in the Emirates at this time, and joining the Freezoner customer list provides you with many necessary advantages when establishing your business in the United Arab Emirates.

We strive to deliver the highest quality of essential services and to give significant and valuable advice for your business through our expertise in all sectors linked to the requirements of enterprises in the Emirates.

Contact us right now to receive services and facilities that will help you build your present and future businesses in the UAE.



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