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How can AI benefit your company's present and future operations?


How can AI benefit your company's present and future operations?

How can AI benefit your company's present and future operations?

Published On:
March 12, 2023

We now use smart technologies in the majority of our business and life systems on a daily basis after they emerged from laboratories to our contemporary devices. Previously, we used to follow and examine AI and simulate the human mind through novels and science fiction films.

Artificial intelligence is expanding quickly and significantly day by day. Many investors and business owners around the world started looking for the best ways to support them using these technologies in various fields of industry, trade, marketing, and others in order to serve our human needs, facilitate many things for us, and save time and effort.

Artificially intelligent machines and gadgets are capable of carrying out a variety of human-like tasks, from learning and reasoning about quick-thinking processes to making snap decisions about a situation based on accurate data and analysis. This highly developed artificial intelligence system aims to create intelligent systems that can carry out all of a normal person's actions.

What applications of modern technology are there right now? How will artificial intelligence benefit your company in the present and the future? The following lines will demonstrate this:


Firstly, what do the terms artificial intelligence and mind simulation mean?

The term "artificial intelligence" has been in use since the first half of the twentieth century, following experiments on primitive computers to determine the extent to which they mimic the human mind in evolution and understanding of various processes, as the world Turing tested computer intelligence in several ways.

The issue remained unresolved until the end of the twentieth century, specifically in 1997, when one of the devices defeated one of the world's greatest chess players, sparking the global artificial intelligence revolution.

As the world's leading technology companies competed for access to the best artificial intelligence solutions, "robots" that perform household tasks and replace humans in all walks of life appeared.

What we have now is the result of many experiments and attempts. To realize the dream of the past, to have a machine that helps people in their daily lives.


So far, what applications has AI served? The way to Digitize Businesses

Because of its multiple capabilities in data analysis, learning speed, and decision-making, as well as its new creative capabilities, artificial intelligence is now entering most fields. It significantly aids in the development of businesses and increases their productivity. As a result, relying on it has become a necessity and a fundamental pillar upon which large companies and institutions are built, as it saves a significant amount of time and effort due to its intelligent capabilities.

In 2021, global investment in artificial intelligence is expected to reach $77.5 billion, with the United States of America ranking first among countries that rely on intelligence technologies that simulate the human mind.

The most visible applications of artificial intelligence right now are:

  • The medical profession: It accelerates the production of life-saving treatments for patients by improving the speed of clinical research data results. Artificial intelligence enables medical teams working with clinical data to quickly transform data into intelligent decisions.
  • Customer relationship management domains include: Artificial intelligence facilitates the process of communicating with customers by integrating with support systems for back office jobs and jobs that require dealing directly with customers, and AI can also accelerate insights about customer behavior and market conditions, as well as business actions to avoid.
  • The financial sector: Artificial intelligence is causing a boom in the field of money and business by discovering the potential for growth of some businesses that were previously viewed as unimportant in the eyes of some, as well as opening new capabilities for products that will be put on the market. It also improved the risk management system by enabling financial institutions. From being aware of hidden dangers.
  • Fields of research writing: Research writing experts have recently recognized the value of artificial intelligence in enhancing human capabilities and assisting researchers, through special writing programs that contribute to the coordination and automatic entry of research into research systems, and these innovative technologies reduce the author's pain of manual coordination.
  • Design areas: Artificial intelligence has recently entered the world of creativity, competing with the creative human mind by formulating sustainable and scalable paths, while uniting efforts in designing and mapping multidimensional data, quickly and with innovative solutions that serve the planet and people.


How can you benefit from a wealth of knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence?

At Freezoner, we assist you in developing your projects in a sustainable manner, and we support you in your digital transformation, which greatly simplifies things for you and your business, by providing direct consultations or presenting important events in the fields of industry and investment in Dubai, which benefits the growth of your business by forming a network of new relationships. Also available are opportunities to learn about local and global market trends.

One of the most important events in the region, the "5th Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics Summit 2023" will take place on March 16th.

You can learn about the most dynamic innovations in your industry, as well as recent technological developments in the region, at this massive event, which will help you determine your position, as well as the position of your current or future company, in terms of digitization.

Immerse yourself in a whole new world of artificial intelligence and analytics in banking, and learn about how AI is democratizing data.

If you're interested, you can also learn about future trends shaping the banking industry, such as using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to detect fraud and manage risk.

This summit features critical discussions on the banking sector's implications of the recent UAE Personal Data Protection Law.



In 5 steps.. How does big data analysis affect your company's performance?

Data use and analysis have always been frequent and significant, but with tremendous technological advancement, the volume of information has expanded, necessitating larger and more precise analysis; to generate results that help improve the user experience, create the advertising system, and others.

Freezoner is the UAE’s award-winning Business setup consultancy company that helps investors establish their business in the most cost-effective & efficient way

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