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Steps to Establish Your Company in UAE


Steps to Establish Your Company in UAE

Steps to Establish Your Company in UAE

Published On:
February 16, 2023

Look no further than the United Arab Emirates, if you are seeking to establish a company right now. As a well-known trading hub of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, many entrepreneurs come to Dubai, due to the ease of procedures that distinguish the country from other surrounding countries, in addition to its strategic location and economic climate. Of course, starting your business, or expanding your business with a new company in the UAE, is the future, as it is an ambitious target for Arab and foreign investments, and a destination for many entrepreneurs, in many fields, which makes you close to multiple markets around the world, and makes your goods easy to trade as well.

You just need to define the activity of your new company or research the development of your current activity before expanding here, in the new economic capital of the world.  And there must also be a registered Local Service Agent, this is what we help you with in "Freezoner".

Follow the following to learn about the procedures for establishing a company in the UAE, in addition to the many ways of assistance and facilities that you can obtain through Freezoner.

The Benefits of Establishing a Company in UAE for Foreigners

The UAE government has made great efforts in creating a sustainable, beneficial environment, to be a destination for business from all countries of the world, and as for the privileges of established companies in the UAE, which are as follows:

  • Full Foreign Business Ownership.
  • Tax Exemptions.
  • Tax Exemption on Import and Export.
  • Full Repatriation of Profits 100%.
  • Low Investments are Required.
  • Flexible Options to Set Up a Business.
  • Golden Visa for Entrepreneurs.
  • Strategic Locations, more than 40 free economic zones.
  • The UAE is Ranked High by International Credit Rating.


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Secondly, Steps to Establish a Company in the UAE for foreigners (Use Freezoner Consultants)

After seeing the benefits of commercial businesses in the UAE, the time for starting, but there are basic steps to be known and followed during establishing companies in the UAE, or free zones in Dubai, the most important economic capital in the world, due to its nears to the Jabal Ali port, and Al Maktoum airport, the most important of these steps is:

  • Find Your Business Activity.
  • Determining the Legal Form of The Company.
  • Choose a Company Name.
  • Apply for Initial Approval.
  • Open a Corporate Bank Account.
  • Set Up Your Office Location.
  • Apply for Final Approval.
  • Get a Trade License.

All these steps can be shortened to one step, when you contact us at Freezoner, to take advantage of our consulting services, from here.

Thirdly, The Costs of Establishing a company in Dubai

Despite all the facilities, you will have to pay some expenses to complete your commercial business license papers in Dubai, in addition to the costs of accommodation, transportation, etc., and of course, through Freezoner it will be easier and less expensive.

The costs of establishing a company in Dubai are limited to the following:

  • The cost of your company's location or office, whether it is buying or renting.
  • Obtaining a license to practice your commercial business in the UAE.
  • Costs of equipping the company's office, including decorations, furniture, and others.
  • Work permits and visas for the employees under your company's sponsorship.
  • Opening a bank account with one of the UAE banks, in the name of your new company, and depositing the minimum capital according to the nature of your company's work.
  • The costs of the legal form of your company, and each company differs from the other according to its field of work and legal form (commercial, industrial, professional, etc.).


Why should you contact us at Freezoner? .. Learn about the advantages of our advisory services now

If you are one of the ambitious emerging entrepreneurs, the UAE is definitely your starting point.

If you already own a business currently in Dubai or any UAE zones, and you want to start different businesses in the free zones of Dubai or other areas, we encourage you and support your dreamy plans in Freezoner.

At Freezoner, we have a large team of the most qualified experts in establishing and developing companies in the region, ready to answer all your inquiries, and implement everything that is in your mind about your project, in line with the UAE and global market.



It is now time to invest in the industry and launch your industrial project in the UAE

The UAE has numerous competitive advantages that help to create promising opportunities and meet the aspirations of investors in various fields, particularly industry, as the way is for innovation, manufacturing, and export in light of encouraging facilities that are unparalleled in any country.

How To Start a Business in UAE With Freezoner?

Over the past years, the UAE has been famous for its unique and diverse tourist destinations, however, it has also become the first destination for investors because it offers much more to the global business community. The country creates an open and dynamic economic climate through low tax rates, low import taxes, and strategic location.

How to Choose Between a Mainland, Free Zone, or an Offshore Company in the UAE

The geographical location, tax-free status, and endless opportunities have made Dubai a haven for investors. The city provides a level playing field for everyone. Be it someone who owns a big business somewhere else and wants an expansion in the UAE or just setting up their first startup.

How Your Business Benefits from Choosing A Virtual Office Space

Virtual workplaces are the way to go for businesses to grow and bring down their overheads. Read our article to learn about how to create new opportunities for your company by choosing a virtual office facility over traditional office spaces.

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