Ultimate Guide For Dubai Golden Visa Requirements

Ultimate Guide For Dubai Golden Visa Requirements

Published On:
May 21, 2023

Let me guess, you’ve decided to move to the UAE and wondering how to get the Golden Visa! No worries, our Freezoner team will give you an ultimate guide for Dubai Golden Visa requirements to answer all your questions. 


Read on and explore how to get the UAE Golden Visa, who is eligible for the Golden Visa, what are the required documents, and all the prevailing questions that may come across your mind.


What Are the Perks of The UAE Golden Visa?


Before delving into the requirements of the Golden Visa, let’s first answer a crucial question what are the perks of the UAE Golden Visa? 


There are multiple reasons why people apply for the Golden Visa as it grants holders of numerous privileges.


    • Long-Time Settlement: Golden Visa holders can settle down for a longer period which is enough to achieve their long-term goals, including company formation in Dubai. Thus, entrepreneurs and investors are interested in this 10-year Golden Visa in UAE. Yes, you read it correctly, the Golden Visa gives you the privilege to settle down in UAE for 10 years.
  • Outstanding Healthcare: the UAE residents get quality healthcare levels due to the qualified physicians and the high readiness levels of the healthcare sector in the UAE.
  • Self-sponsorship / Family Sponsorship: Eligible candidates can get a self-sponsorship in the UAE.
    Besides, the United Arab Emirates Golden Visa enables holders to sponsor their families including their wives, children of any age, and domestic helpers. 
  • Solid Vision of UAE: investors can leverage the business-friendly environment to start setting up a business in Dubai or any other place inside the UAE. 
  • Renewal Visa: Golden Visa holders can renew their visa before the expiration date to settle down for more than 10 years.
  • Access to Other Countries: one of the perks of the Golden Visa is that you can travel to some countries with ease of access.


Hence, if you were asking if the Dubai Golden Visa is worth it, the answer is yes.


If you’re inspired to apply for the UAE Golden Visa, you can take steps forward with Freezoner and we will support you in every step till you get your UAE Visa


Who Is Eligible for a Dubai Golden Visa?


There are many categories of people who can be eligible for a Dubai Golden Visa. According to the segment, the UAE government can grant anyone around the world from 5 to 10 years permission to settle down in the country. 


The eligible Categories are:


  • Businessmen 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors 
  • Influencers
  • Researchers
  • Top-notch students
  • Humanitarians
  • Scientists
  • Property Investors (valued at Dh 2 million or more)


Regarding the property owners, they had to pay a down payment of at least Dh 1 million but the UAE has recently eliminated this condition for Golden Visa for property owners. 

Admittedly, the country attempts to urge more investors to acquire the UAE Golden Visa. 

Indeed, you can learn more about these updates in our next article about the Golden Visa updates.


Now, you can explore how our dedicated team in Freezoner helped one of the creative influencers finalize the requirements for the Golden Visa in UAE.


What Are the Requirements For a Golden Visa in UAE?


For investors and business hasslers to get this Golden Visa, they have to submit some requirements as per the website of the Government of Dubai.


  1. A passport (valid for at least 6 months)
  2. Availability of an e-Certificate of Title / Title deed
  3. A personal photo
  4. UAE ID (if any)
  5. A copy of the current residence permit (if any).


How Much Money Is Required for a Golden Visa in Dubai?


The Government of Dubai asserts some required fees for acquiring a Golden Visa in Dubai. 


Below is the cost of the Golden Visa fees for 10 years residency permit:


  1. AED 700 fee for medical examination
  2. AED 1,153 fee for UAE ID (10 years)
  3. AED 2,656.75 fee for confirmation of residency permit (10 years)
  4. AED 4,020 fee for the Land Department
  5. AED 1,155 administrative fee


With total money for the 10-year Golden visa is AED 9,684.75


For Family residence permit for 10 years:


  1. AED 5,668.50 fees
  2. AED 318.75 fee for opening a family sponsorship file


For a residence permit for the parents for 10 years:

  • AED 5,668.50 fee for 10 years




To conclude, you can apply for the Golden Visa in UAE if you’re in one of the categories mentioned above. The perks of the Golden Visa are numerous, but we gave you a glimpse of how much it is worth the try.


Indeed, our Freezoner team is ready to help you finalize all Dubai Golden Visa requirements promptly once you contact us at ([email protected]). 



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