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VIP Corporate Setup And Licensing

FREEZONER is a team of professionals qualified to provide VIP corporate setup and licensing services. We value every client who is looking forward to embarking on a journey of business setup in UAE. The United Arab Emirates is an ideal place to begin your international investment career. Not only are there plenty of resources, but there is also a generally favorable business climate because of the country's political stability. Freezoner offers an integrated team of specialists who can help you start planning your future. We are prepared to provide our VIP services to individuals who wish to undertake an immediate service and be served at the top level.
We have served hundreds of clients by taking care of the entire procedure, with appropriate advice and tested practices to help them get the most out of their investment. Our team will manage every step of your journey to a corporate setting in the UAE using our VIP service. Contact our experts to learn more about our personalized assistance.

Our Service Inclusions

  • Offering Personal Assistant Support.
  • Providing legal counsel to accompany you to Dubai business meetings.
  • VIP Investor Visa & Residency.
  • VIP Property Investor Visa.
  • Investors and workers can use our pick-up and drop-off services.
  • We'll meet you at the airport.
  • Opening bank accounts - sending an agent to your location with the necessary applications (Silver/Golden/Platinum Plans).
  • Family visas – pick-up and drop-off services for family members for medical and ID checks, as well as additional visa stamping.
  • Medical Fitness Test - VIP.
  • Visa stamping application - VIP.
  • Translation at the conferences.
  • Trade Name urgent approval.
  • Activities Approval.
  • Special Assistance in Public Notary.
  • Business Center Accommodation.
  • Providing licenses in the smallest amount of time possible.
  • Opening a Business Bank Account.
  • Processing of Investor Visa.
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